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Matching Colors

June 3, 2011

I have been wanting to teach PlumGirl about matching for awhile.  She already matched toys by color naturally, especially when playing with her Rainbow People Mover.  Colors also seem to be intriguing her, especially while she is coloring or painting.  She doesn’t seem to be able or interested in matching or grouping her toys when asked, invited, or encouraged though.  Since working on matching toys or manipulatives doesn’t seem to grab her attention, I thought that I would introduce some cards for her to match up.  I bought two packs of flashcards from the dollar star and pulled out the ones for red, blue, and yellow.  I decided to write in the color names on the front of the cards since I am going to use them as a matching game and not as actual flashcards.  I introduced them to PlumGirl this afternoon and she seemed to enjoy watching me play with them, but had no interest in touching them herself.  My plan is to keep on playing with them over the next couple of days and hope that it will spark her interest.  If she doesn’t show any interest I will put them away and bring them out again in a few weeks or months.


(I also really want to make her some color tablets using paint chips from a home supply store, but I haven’t managed to pick them up yet.)

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