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Color Matching Peg Card

June 5, 2011

Well, I made a card for PlumGirl’s peg board. All it took was a piece of card stock, a paper cutter, tape, crayons, and my craft knife. I made it two sided and as simple as possible. I really like it, and Mr. Plum was very impressed.



Unfortunately, PlumGirl hates it. If she notices the card in the peg board, or if I try to demonstrate matching the colors, she immediately screams no and rips the card out. Hopefully she will get used to the idea of the card being there and, if not, there is always the PlumTwins who might like it in a year or so.

Update: As I was posting this, Mr. Plum got PlumGirl to play with the card! Their play only lasted a minute or two, and she was sitting on the peg board the whole time, but at least she didn’t hate it!


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  1. June 5, 2011 6:37 pm

    Great idea, especially with what you observed her doing in your last post! Sorry that she doesn’t like it right now! Toddlers are awfully finicky aren’t they?! I hope she comes around to it soon. Good work Mama. 🙂

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