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Grocery Store Learning

July 11, 2011

PlumGirl really loves to walk in stores, though most the time she rides in the cart.  She is so easily distracted that I simply cannot get a lot of shopping done with her walking.  If I only have a few things to get, though, I love to let her walk.

When PlumGirl is walking through the store, shopping becomes a learning experience for her.  The two-leveled carts that are available in most stores now make the experience even better. She puts bigger items in the bottom and can just barely drop smaller items into the top.  She can push against the bottom of the cart and I can still guide with the handle.


There is also a lot of learning to be had at the grocery store.  We count items as she takes them off the shelf and puts them in the cart.  I give her directions as we push the cart around.   I describe the colors of items to her.

I can, of course, provide the same dialog when she is riding in the cart, but it means so much more when she is actively involved.

The only aisle that distracts her from her work is the pet food aisle.  All those pictures of dogs and “meows” are just too exciting for her.


I have lots of plans for keeping her involved in the shopping in the future. I want to make cards with pictures of items that I buy frequently so that she can have her own shopping list. I also want us to pick out recipes together, make a list, shop for the ingredients we need, and then cook together. We can even count out the money that we will need so that she can pay herself.

Even though I am excited for all the grocery store learning will we be able to do in the future, having a little shopper with me is still fun now.

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