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Books of the Month

July 14, 2011

PlumGirl loves having books read to her over and over again and she insists upon being read to while she was eating.  In June I decided that I would take advantage of her obsessions and introduce a themed stack of book on the kitchen table.  I wanted a collection of books that would help her build a frame of reference for some aspect of the world around her and help her develop vocabulary.

In honor of the two beach trips we had planned this summer I chose a theme of The Beach to start with.  This theme has lasted a bit longer than I intended, but the second trip is in two weeks and I am definitely going to introduce a new stack after that.  PlumGirl is also still very interested in the beach books, so I think that they will be on our shelves for awhile.

Here are the Beach Books we have been reading:

Beach Day by Karen Roosa


On the Beach, and Usborne Lift the Flap Book


Sea, Sand, and Me by Patricia Hubbell


At the Beach by Anne Rockwell


Seashells by the Seashore by Marianne Berkes


A Day at the Beach by Sandy Seeley Walling


Biscuit’s First Day at the Beach by Alyssa Satin Capucilli


I am very excited about planning future themes.  When I switch out the stack for August I am planning on doing a “Green Growing Things” theme and I am already collecting the books.  I am very inspired by The Imagination Tree’s 5-A-Day Books and I think they will be a great resource for future themes.

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