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Book Tour

July 19, 2011

I really love books and have always kept a lot of them in the house.  While I think that libraries are wonderful, I like to own books so that I can reread them whenever I want.  It also just make me happy to be surrounded by books.

As you might imagine, the same is true for children’s books.  Thanks to my days in the classroom, I had a lot of children’s books before I even had children.

Now, there are children’s books in almost every room in the house and they are a big part of our day.

Here is a tour of where we keep books and when we read them:

In the living room, we have two areas of books.  One is a set of forward facing bookshelves.  These books are mostly PlumGirl’s current favorites, though I add new ones in occasionally to spark new interests.


We also have a shelf of board books.  The books in the living room are the books that PlumGirl grabs throughout the day to have read to her.  Lately she hasn’t been as interested in the board books, but I have been pulling from them to read to the PlumTwins, so they still get a lot of use.


There is a stack of books that we keep on the kitchen table.  PlumGirl often insists upon being read to while she is eating.  These books are ones that I try to theme together, though there are some additions that PlumGirl has made.


In PlumGirl’s bedroom there are shelves that store the majority of my collection of children’s books.  These books are loosely organized by type/genre as a result of being my classroom library.  PlumGirl likes to pull from these books and read in the rocking chair in her room.


There is also a stack of books next to her bed that we read from after naps.


In the PlumTwins’ room, there are shelves that hold the nonfiction children’s books.  I am eventually going to swap some of these for picture books from PlumGirl’s room so that things will be more evenly distributed.


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  1. July 19, 2011 10:49 am

    I like this post. I also have a lot of books. We started a new system recently helping us to read different books each month because I found my kids were always grabbing the same book. I will have to post about it sometime. I love having books all around. We don’t have any in our kitchen like you. I might have to think of a way to get some in there!

  2. August 25, 2011 7:14 pm

    OMG – finally someone who has as many books as we do (well, almost as many as we do).
    We’re about to start introducing phonetic sounds along with the sandpaper letters. They have an interest now in sounds so I think the timing is good.
    My twins are recently two (close to your girls age), fraternal boys.
    I found you via a link from Peaceful Parenting. I’m just catching up on your posts.

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