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Reading to Me

July 28, 2011

Every day when PlumGirl wakes up from her nap she asks me to lay down in bed next to her to read her a story.  We keep a special stack of books next to her bed just for these after-nap storytimes, and we add to it regularly.

Her latest favorite is Harold and the Purple Crayon, which she refers to as “boy”.

Yesterday when I went to read to her, she decided that she would rather read the story to me.  She had been “predicting” the story to me as a read, but this was the first time she showed interest in reading the story herself.


She flipped through the pages and said a word for the pictures she could name.

Then this morning, she read to our dog.  I cannot wait for her to read to me more often.

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  1. July 28, 2011 11:36 pm

    That’s adorable; I love when they start doing that. 🙂 My daughter will occasionally ‘read’ a book to me or one of her toys, she does the same – just names whatever she can see on the page.

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