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December Books

December 4, 2011

I absolutely love the idea of a book advent calendar.  Twenty-four books wrapped in paper under the tree with one picked each day of December.  Laura of Art for Little Hands has a wonderful post with links to other resources for this wonderful project.  I, however, just do not have the ability to do it this year.

(I explained a bit here about how life with now 9 month old twins and a two year old has gotten a little crazy, hence the break from blogging, and while things are better an project like this just is not going to happen.)

So, I have compromised.  I filled our living room book shelf with a bunch of winter and Christmas themed books and we have really been enjoying them so far.

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PulmGirl definitely has a few favorites already.

Bear Snores On is an old friend, and we have now added Bear Stays up for Christmas, the two of which MUST be read together.



Two Jan Brett books that PlumGirl is enjoying are The Mitten and Gingerbread Baby.



Snow Friends is currently living on the kitchen table where it is read at every meal.


I am sure that we will have new favorites next week, especially since I have a few more books on the way.  I love Alibris for buying used books relatively cheaply, but the shipping can sometimes be slow.  Since I am pretty much addicted to buying books (see evidence here), I have to get them as cheaply as possible so I put up with the slow shipping for books that I cannot find cheaply Amazon.

Update:  Having just seen this post over at Chasing Cheerios I am even more excited to do an book Advent “Calendar” next year.  I love her reusable bags and that she includes an activity in each bag with each book!

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