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I am Mrs. Plum, otherwise known as Natalie.  I am mom to PlumGirl, who will be two in August, and the PlumTwins, who just joined us in March.  Yes, I have three under two right now!  I am also wife to Mr. Plum, who is a wonderful husband and amazing father.  We also have two cats and a dog who share our home with us.

I love to read and cook, though my time to enjoy both of these is a little limited these days.  Before I had PlumGirl and was able to stay home with her I was a teacher.  I have taught first grade, third grade, and computer classes.

I am looking forward to homeschooling PlumGirl and the PlumTwins through their preschool years. Having gone to a Montessori school when I was younger, I find myself naturally drawn to Montessori ways.

Thank you for visiting!

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